03 April 2022 GameFi Roundup

03-Apr-22 GameFi Updates Roundup

Welcome to CryptoWhisper.com weekly round-up for GameFi in week 03-April-2022.

I am using a social listening tool called BrandMention.com to round up top GameFi updates posts of the week.

In this round-up, I am using “gamefi” and #gamefi as the keyword for this research from 27-Mar-22 to 03-April-22. With the analysis of 8,796 mentions around the webs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora, the roundup below is arranged based on the number of reach measurements from BrandMention.com and the relevance of the content.

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JunGo GameFi is Coming Soon

Jenus shared a tweet regarding JunGo Gamefi. No valid website, it is just a Twitter page, discord, and telegram page. However, this tweet has garnered1,248,924 and 3,692 reactions so far.

Axie Infinity has been at the forefront of the “GameFi” trend

Bloomberg Crypto published a tweet with an article regarding “Into the Metaverse: Where Crypto, Gaming and Capitalism Collide

Axie — which is at the forefront of this “GameFi” trend — has already generated more than $2.5 billion in trading volume. Several other rivals offering games that lure players with the promise of crypto are also gaining popularity. Venture capitalists and hedge funds are trying to cash in on this new online gold rush in which they predict billions of people will swipe, crush, shoot or kill in the hope of earning digital tokens.

Axie isn’t much to look at next to the many startlingly realistic games out there. It centers on Pokemon-like characters that fight and breed in a simple game of strategy. What sets it apart is the fact that aside from earning stars or hearts or crushed candy for winning this game, players get something much more valuable, at least theoretically: Smooth Love Potion.

This tweet has garnered 789,802 social reach. If you want to learn more, please check out the tweet below.

Kyoko’s Gross-Chain GameFi Assets Lending

Kyoko is a DAO-to-DAO credit provider, P2P NFT lending platform, and cross-chain GameFi NFT lending market for guilds and players.

Kyoko offers a one-stop platform that provides liquidity to the Web3 and GameFi industries. Through its DAO-to-DAO lending, Kyoko provides DAOs and Guilds with the liquidity they require to maintain operations while also allowing them to stake their onhand resources as collateral for larger credit loans. Kyoko also bridges high-potential DAOs and Guilds with the industry connections and resources they need to grow.

Meanwhile, Kyoko’s P2P NFT lending platform and cross-chain asset lending market bring liquidity to the traditionally illiquid NFT market and lower the cost of entry into popular P2E titles by bridging gaming blockchains through a single marketplace for Guilds, investors, and players to bring their game to the next level.

First, there was Bitcoin; then there was Ethereum. DeFi came next and NFTs followed. Now, it’s the era of GameFi – the culmination of all that came before it. Amid all the challenges that still remain to be solved in this emerging market, Kyoko will be here – keeping play-to-earn accessible and profitable to all.

This tweet from Polkastarter has garnered 620,466 social reach. This will be an interesting project in GameFi.

Tank Battle Announce Details on #FreeToPlay Servers

Tank Battle is an idle PlayToEarn real-time strategy game built on the BNB Chain. It is a war-themed strategy game where you form a team of at most five tanks to try and defeat your opponent. Strategize by placing Tanks of different types in the best possible spot you think helps you win the battle. It is an idle strategy game. Therefore once you place the tanks, you will have to watch them battle against each other by firing their artillery at each other once the cooldown is over. Learn more about the project or try playing their demo by visiting their website.

This tweet by BSC News has garnered 359,663 social media reach.

triple Your Salary

Hero Arena x H3RO3S to Expand Hero Arena’s Market Reach

Hero Arena announced a new partnership with H3RO3S – a real-life play-2-earn game, for the purposes of identity verification and onboarding. With the cooperation of H3RO3S, Hero Arena will have more chances to bring our project access to more users around the world. This cooperation will be the beginning of many stepping stones in the future for both sides.

This announcement has garnered 204,265 of social reach.



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