10 April 2022 DeFi Roundup

10-Apr-22 DeFi Updates Roundup

Welcome to CryptoWhisper.com weekly round-up for DeFi in week 27-March-2022.

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Binance.US Raises $200 Million Seed Round At $4.5 Billion Valuation

As part of the raise, Binance.US will be adding two additional members of its three person board. One will be brought on to represent the seed investors and the other will be an independent. Binance.com CEO Changpeng Zhao remains on the board.

Looking forward, Shroder mentioned the strong possibility of announcing follow-on strategic investors in the coming months. He has also publicly targeted an IPO in 2024/2025 depending on Binance.US’ performance and market conditions.

This Facebook update from Forbes is the headline of the week and has garnered 6,148,753 social media reach.

A Guide to Decentralized Finance

CoinMarketCap updated its Decentralized Finance guide on its website and shared it on Twitter. This tweet has garnered 4,383,346 social media reach.

Decentralized finance is the talk of the town in crypto today, and while this has mostly been due to its seemingly absurd growth in recent years, DeFi is making waves under the surface that could fundamentally change the way both local and multinational businesses operate.

One of the most important reasons why humans have been able to dominate the planet for centuries is our ability to adapt to environments and automate laborious processes. Human survival has hinged on delegating the most repetitive, creatively draining tasks to a machine, and since the advent of electronic computers and software engineering, our machines have become a whole lot better.

Financial markets are constantly evolving, and decentralized finance is the industry’s most current evolution, pulling power away from intermediaries and distributing it across disparate, unrelated people.

Today, DeFi enables the world to trade and access banking services like lending and borrowing in a peer-to-peer ecosystem, and while only time will tell what the technology will be capable of tomorrow, its potential is startling.

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JPMorgan CEO to Shareholders: Decentralized Finance, Blockchain Are Real

While praising decentralized finance and blockchain technologies, Dimon has not warmed up to cryptocurrency, even after JPMorgan began offering some crypto-related products to clients.

Dimon warned in November last year: “Cryptocurrency has no intrinsic value … I would be very careful.” In October, he said bitcoin was worthless and questioned its limited supply. In May, he advised people to stay away from cryptocurrency.

Last week, a JPMorgan report stated that there is limited upside for crypto markets. However, in February, the firm predicted that the long-term price of bitcoin would reach $150,000. Nonetheless, JPMorgan said global regulation is urgently needed for banks to help clients invest in crypto.

This tweet from Bitcoin News has garnered 2,217,595 social media reach

BNB Chain updated its weekly DeFi report

This simple update has garnered 2,175,440 social media reach.

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Is Crypto Re-Creating the 2008 Financial Crisis?

What I find most concerning about crypto/Web3 is that a great deal of the projects I’ve seen add unnecessarily complex financial elements to areas of our lives that didn’t have them before. Crypto critic Dan Olson recently described this ethos as the construction of an internet where “everything that can be conceptualized as valuable can be numeralized.” “Play to win” games like Axie Infinity, for example, are a dystopian vision of leisure that replicate exploitation we’re used to seeing in real life. I find myself more alarmed about the crypto’s hyper-financialized vision of the world each day but I also lack some of the historical knowledge necessary to offer a strong financial critique of the space. Which is why I was deeply fascinated when I came across an essay by American University law professor Hilary J. Allen titled “DeFi: Shadow Banking 2.0?”

Charlie Warzel interview Hilary J. Allen and this tweet has 2,148,992 social media reach.



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