24-April-2022 NFT Roundup

24-April-22 NFT Updates Roundup

Welcome to CryptoWhisper.com weekly round-up for NFT in week 24-April-2022.

I am using a social listening tool called BrandMention.com to round up top NFT updates posts of the week.

In this round-up, I am using “NFT” as the keyword for this research from 17-April-22 to 24-April-22. With the analysis of 21,177 mentions around the webs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora, the roundup below is arranged based on the number of reach measurements from BrandMention.com and the relevance of the content.

If you like to conduct your own research or analysis, Please feel to sign up for an account here, or you can download the csv file for your own analysis.

Increased adoption of Metaverse NFTs will power the next NFT growth cycle

Metaverses and blue-chip nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are the driving forces behind the dramatic growth in the NFT market. Projects like the Bored Apes, Crypto Punks, Azuki, Clone X, and Doodles collections have steadily attracted collectors’ interest in the past year. As a result, these NFT projects have helped the NFT market achieve a growth rate of over 20,000% and a sales volume of approximately $17 billion.

This tweet from Cointelegraph has garnered 2,780,412 social media reach.

FANI launches 5 new Dapps this month along with the biggest NFT airdrop

1.7M NFT Airdrop $57.5M in giveaways

FaniTrade allowed users to swap, trade, play, earn, profit, and share on Solana’s fastest-growing decentralized ecosystem. FaniTrade is a simple, yet powerful application that offers fans of Defi the most complete, and advanced chain of Defi products that you will love. All of their protocols are built on Solana, the world’s fastest, most powerful, and Gas efficient blockchain technology making FaniTrade an obvious choice.

This tweet from KateMillerCZ has garnered 2,638,705 social media reach.

triple Your Salary


Mutation 2 (MAKC-M2) is a collection of 5,010 distinct NFT digital collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain, consisting in 5,000 M2 and 10 Legends, with 300+ traits, staking, and tokenomics.

This Tweet from Eduardo has garnered 1,740,930 social media reach.

HER nft project has announced to giveaway HERLIST spots

The HER NFT project is a female-powered fashion brand entering Web 3. Real World Merchandise meets future Wear-To-Earn utility.

This tweet from Bruna Khan has garnered 773,638 social media reach and 1,770 soicla reactions.

McDonald’s to enter the metaverse

The giant fast-food franchise hopes to operate virtual restaurants, “featuring actual and virtual goods” and “operating a virtual restaurant online featuring home delivery,” according to the trademark application.

On Feb. 4, McDonald’s also filed a trademark application hoping to eventually provide entertainment services, “namely, providing on-line actual and virtual concerts and other virtual events,” the application read.

This tweet from Fox 13 Tampa Bay has garnered 345,070 social media reach



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