27 March GameFi Roundup

27-Mar-22 GameFi Updates Roundup

Welcome to CryptoWhisper.com weekly round-up for GameFi in week 27-March-2022.

I am using a social listening tool called BrandMention.com to round up top GameFi updates posts of the week.

In this round-up, I am using “gamefi” and #gamefi as the keyword for this research from 19-Mar-22 to 26-Mar-22. With the analysis of 10,125 mentions around the webs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora, the roundup below are arranged based on the number of reach measurement from BrandMention.com and relevance of the content.

If you like to conduct your own research or analysis, Please feel to sign up for an account here, or you can download the csv file for your own analysis.

BNB Chain announced top 5 NFT, GameFi of the week

  1. StarSharks
  2. MoBox
  3. BombCrypto
  4. Secound Live
  5. Radio Caca

This weekly announcement from BNB Chain has garnered 2,175,440 of social media reach.

YuGiOh GameFi launch?

This tweet from Zen Grypto share about YuGiOhGlobal. However, it is just telegram invitation link.

This tweet has garnered 900,395 or social media reach.

Huobi deep dive research on Bored Ape Yacht Club

Currently, BAYC is taking advantage of the popularity of its IPs to explore the fields of GameFi and Metaverse. Recent actions may shed some light on their ambitions: their Racing Game collaboration with Animoca Brands, their collaboration of PVP blockchain games with NWAY, future plans to sell 200,000 pieces of land in the Metaverse in March and August 2022, and the creation of Meta RPG, with its IP at the core.

BAYC has even more aggressive plans. On March 23, BAYC announced a new round of funding, raising a whopping US$450 million at a US$4 billion valuation. This round was led by a16z, Animoca Brands, FTX Ventures, and Google Ventures, followed by Coinbase. This round of fundraising was aimed at initiating its metaverse project, “Otherside”, and attracting more NFT projects to enter the pool.

Want more detail? You can download from the tweet below. This tweet has garnered 879,830 of social media reach so far.

Argentines Flock to Crypto Games as Economy Eats Up Salaries

South America’s second-largest economy jumped in the rankings and is also the fifth around the world when it comes to playing games for income, with 9,400 visits so far this year to Decentral Games, the metaverse company with the most players in the world, up from just a few hundred last year. Brazil also shot up in the platform to become the seventh-most popular place for these games.

This tweet from Bloomberg Crypto has garnered 789,802 of social media reach.

Katan Dao earn you $250 in 24 hours

KatanDAO is the first game in the BoardGameDAO Series launched by the SODA Games. On the basis of the traditional board game rules, it also provides free trading rules and strategic spaces. At the same time, we pioneered the battle royale mode, which supports more than 3,000 people to participate online simultaneously.

Lady Crytonic claim that this game help her to earn $250 in 24 hours. You may want to check it out.

This tweet has garnered 650,217 or social media reach and 4,198 or reactions.

triple Your Salary

Karmaverse Launch on Gate.io

The Karmaverse is an SLG GameFi multiverse with various metaverses, such as Zombie, Old West, Cyberpunk, Fantasy World, etc. Each game metaverse contains 1 RPG and 1 SLG game and it is built around a unique theme, with a well-crafted art style, storyline, characters, music, and map system. It is developed by the team behind two of the top 10 SLG games in mobile gaming history. Karmaverse is about to launch its first large-scale blockchain SLG game, Karmaverse Zombie. Surviving humans have trained themselves to become fighters, banding together for survival in shelters and working to gradually eliminate the zombie threat

This tweet has garnered 625,267 of social media reach. If you like SLG game, you want to check it out.



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