27 March NFT Roundup

27-Mar-22 NFT Updates Roundup

Welcome to CryptoWhisper.com weekly round up for NFT in week 27-March-2022.

I am using a social listening tool called BrandMention.com to round up top NFT updates posts of the week.

In this round-up, I am using “NFT” as the keyword for this research from 19-Mar-22 to 26-Mar-22. With the analysis of 25,952 mentions around the webs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit and Quora, the roundup below are arranged based on the number of reach measurement from BrandMention.com and relevance of the content.

If you like to conduct your own research or analysis, Please feel to sign up an account here, or you can download the csv file for your own analysis.

Ukraine launches NFT ‘Museum of War’ in crypto crowdfunding push

With 22,007,056 social media reach, this is the most important update you should know this week.

The ‘Meta History: Museum of War’ collection is a series of digital images – including silhouettes of warplanes, screengrabs of news reports and a cartoon-style image of an explosion – each one marking a different day in the conflict.

Snoop Dogg Free Death Row NFT Giveaway on Music.Gala.World

Despite a simple post, this post garnered 19,865,917 of social media reach.

ParisHilton retweet PamelaHilton First NFT collection for #SilverScreeSirens

This retweet from ParisHilton garnered 16,901,047 of social media reach. Check out this collection of Silver Screen Sirens on OpenSea.io

Sofia Vergara Tweeted about World of Women NFT

This tweet from Sofia Vergara has garnered 8,583,270 of social media reach and 9,110 of reactions.

Gary Veynerchuk launched VeeCon NFT Tickets on OpenSea

VeeCon 2022 is a multi-day superconference where only VeeCon NFT ticket holders will experience an extraordinary lineup of content including iconic keynote speeches; innovative and educational talks, panels and Q&A sessions; and many collaborative experiences. This tweet garnered 3,068,723 of social media reach.

Reese Withersoon Tweet the World of Women NFT

Reese Withersoon tweet the World of Women NFT and garnered 2,995,373 of social media reach

triple Your Salary

Madonna owned her very first Ape

Madonna announced that she entered the world of Metaverse by owning her very first Ape NFT.



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