Blocvest: How do the vaults benefit me?

I am a new investor to Blocvest and wondering how each of the vaults benefits me. This article aims to answer this question with a short synopsis of each vault as well as how one could use each vault to better their position in others. 

Blocvest is a passive income Dapp newer to the Defi space. It is on the BSC network and has been live for a little over a month. At the time of this writing, there are about 170 holders on the bsc scan holders list(this does not include holders in the vaults). The market cap is at 425k. The token launched just over a month ago at a 307k market cap, there was a post-launch dump, and the team countered that with various promotions to bring in new investments and pushed the token to an ATH of 500K market cap. 

The Vaults

Blocvest offers three different vaults that provide a passive income in different ways. The Accumulator vault lets you earn a percentage on your money in weekly, biweekly or monthly intervals. The Trickle vault lets you earn a daily percentage on your deposited balance that you can claim or compound. And finally, the Shareholder vault lets you earn half of the token’s transaction taxes paid out monthly. Now let’s go into deeper detail about each of the vaults.

Accumulator Vault

When interacting with this vault, there are a few things to consider. This vault operates off of the dollar value of what you deposited, not the token count. This means if the price moves up over the period invested then the tokens that come back to you at the end of the period will be less, but the same dollar value that you entered with. If the price is less than when you entered then you get the same token number back. You have a 24-hour window to make the next deposit and earn your period’s percentage. If that window is missed, your bonus percent is forfeited.  

This vault offers weekly, biweekly, or monthly deposit plans. Weekly will return 5%, biweekly 10%, and monthly 20%. This vault is for investors that would like to make a steady return on their money and can make on-time deposits. This person isn’t concerned about token counts, just steady increases in their money week in and week out.  

Trickle Vault

I found this vault to be pretty interesting. Blocvest Trickle vault gives you a daily apr on your initial deposit(deposited tokens are forfeited to the vault), you can then compound daily rewards back into your total or claim out to your wallet. You are limited to 365 claims. There is a deposit and compound tax of 10%. There is a claim tax of 10% if you claim 1 time per 7 days(6 day cool down), each claim after the first in that 7-day period is at 50%. The base rate that is offered is 0.5% daily, this can be boosted with the purchase of NFT’s. The Trickle vault offers a total of four NFT boosters; Bronze($500) 0.75% daily apr, Silver($1000) 1.0% daily apr, Gold($2500) 1.5% daily apr, finally Platinum($5000) 2.0% daily apr. The Bronze and Silver Nfts are always available to mint, while Gold and Platinums are limited. At the time of this writing, 0 Platinums have been made available to mint, and 11 Golds have been made available, 3 of which have been minted. 

This vault is for a longer-term-minded investor that can see the power of compounding. There is a max deposit to the vault of 25k tokens that can be compounded over time to a total of 500k tokens at the time of this writing. If one had a Silver 1% nft and hit the max, they would be able to claim 5k tokens daily at these numbers…. So you can see this has a huge potential to provide some passive income over time. These tokens could be used to take some profits or bolster one’s position in the Shareholder vault or even to make an extra percent on that same money in the Accumulator vault. 

Shareholder Vault

This vault’s purpose, as I understand it, is to give the holders that interact with it 50% ownership of this module. This occurs through the token taxes, half of the buy and sell taxes are converted to BUSD and sent to the vault to be paid out monthly. When depositing to this vault, you’re depositing at dollar value and there is a 3-month lock.  Something to note here is after the 3 month lock if the price of the token has doubled you would get back half the tokens deposited if you chose to leave this vault, on the other hand, for someone to have the same weight in the pool for reward collections, they would have to deposit 2 times the money you did. This is a pretty unique feature to a reward pool that I haven’t seen anywhere else, and it lets the early adopters and smaller players get better positions early. With this only being about a month old, we are definitely still early, so get your positions now. NFA.

I think I would say that this vault has some great long term potential as well as the trickle vault accounts mature and users take profit, which will drive some volume on the chart which feeds this vault. The key to this vault is VOLUME, so we want to see buys and sells. As long as you have a position here, the chart is irrelevant as long as there is action on it. You are getting paid every 30 days in BUSD so no need to sell off the token or worry about the price! Very interesting concept here that this team has put together. 

Vault interplay

After observing the community as well as researching these vaults, there are multiple ways one could use each vault to help positions in the other. From what I have seen, it appears some in the community will be using Trickle vault rewards to add to their position in the shareholder vault while creating a steady tream of passive income for themselves. The shareholder vault earnings are the profit they are taking. Those same earnings could purchase more Blocvest and start a new Trickle vault wallet, purchase an NFT, or go to the accumulator. I would say that you can use these vaults in so many different ways, that it really would depend on your personal strategy in how you do so. Just keep in mind the dollar value entries vs token count and how that works toward your goals.


As you take a look at this chart here, you can see that the first week was getting the presale dumpers out and then the team went to work on offering some contests and spreading awareness. As the word spread, tokens were starting to get locked up in the vaults and the chart started rising. Blocvest also has a Treasury contract that stores the micro fees and a percentage of the NFT purchase to do buybacks of the token or add liquidity. Just after the 17th of October was the first of those buybacks, quite a nice impact on the chart I would say and with the community believing in the team and utilizing the vaults there was no dump on the buyback!

I congratulate the team and community for putting all this together in such a tough market. I can’t wait to see where this goes when the bulls return!!



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