Looking for Massive Passive Income Opportunities in DeFi?


Looking for Massive Passive Income Opportunities in DeFi?


Passive income is a buzzword we all know too well. How many crypto projects have you seen hit the industry that claims to promise stellar rewards with little effort?

It seems like they’re a dime a dozen. So, why would we need to look at another one?

Well, to be frank, not many projects follow through with their promises. In the DeFi space especially, it feels like projects hit the ground running and die off quickly.

Looking forward, it seems like a lot of growth needs to take place before a truly successful passive income project can exist. One project is putting all their cards on the table in an effort to change the way everyday users interact with static reward projects and the DeFi space in general.

I talk, of course, about Gain Protocol.


What is Gain Protocol?


Gain Protocol is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain. The project offers static rewards for holders and the potential for massive payouts through daily sweepstakes drawings.

With Gain Protocol, the goal is to put holders first. They offer users a safer and easier way to get involved in trading and start accruing gains.

At the heart of the project are seven foundational protocols that help holders earn passive rewards, enjoy stabilized pricing and build a community around the project.

Another part of the project is the team’s commitment to growth. While Gain Protocol’s current list of features is impressive, the team is already developing the next steps of the project. Each upcoming feature the team develops is community-driven — meaning holders get the ultimate say in the project’s direction.

What this does is shift the power of the profit to the people by decentralizing several industries.


How the Project Handles Passive Rewards


At the heart of Gain Protocol is their passive rewards model. It works like this: with every seller transaction on the network, a portion of the fees gets redistributed automatically to holders.

Essentially, when users make a transaction on Gain Protocol, they are paying each and every other holder to help the sale go through. Every transaction improves holder rewards and incentives holders to interact with the protocol.

Other projects utilize a flat 10%-20% fee. With Gain Protocol, a 3.5% fee on both sides of a transaction exists. This gives people more of a chance to interact with Gain Protocol without dealing with exorbitant fees.

It also means that more passive rewards funnel into holder wallets.


Sweepstakes in Gain Protocol


If static rewards are one side of the passive income coin, the sweepstakes function in Gain Protocol is the other.

Much like static rewards, holders don’t have to lift a finger to be a part of daily drawings. In total, the team had developed seven opportunities to win big. Again, the pool for the sweepstakes drawing comes from transactions using GAIN.

The sweepstakes categories are pretty ingenious and interesting. They have sweepstakes for long-term holders and newbies alike. All in all, Gain Protocol has made it easy to win big no matter how much, or how long you’ve been holding, GAIN.




Looking at Gain Protocol, you can see why so much hype surrounds the project. It offers a unique approach to static rewards that puts the power in the hands of the people.

Additionally, the project is vetted by trusted names in DeFi like SolidtyFinance. The team is committed to transparency and honesty, a promise you won’t get from other projects on the block.

To learn more about Gain Protocol, make sure to visit their website GainProtocol.com.



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