What is travala.com? What is AVA?

Travela.com is offering one last chance to get in on the ground floor of one of the world’s number one block chain based travel booking platforms.

We connect Travelers with one of the world’s largest selection of incredible places to stay with prices up to 40% cheaper than mainstream travel booking platforms. All booking options can be paid for using traditional payment options and popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Etherium and ripple as well as AVA. Say the native cryptocurrency of travela.com with a team consisting of over 35 members. We have the right combination of experience startup Founders travel industry experts and blockchain Specialists. We’ve come a long way since launching in 2017 and our last round of fundraising and we’re just getting started here are some highlights of the progress. We’ve made since our last round of fundraising we’ve made significant improvements to our product. We’ve added to our list of payment options. Our growing list of Partnerships now includes online travel Giants Expedia Agoda and Viator a TripAdvisor company on top of our previous strategic partnership with booking.com travel a.com is partnered with the world’s biggest and best travel suppliers. We’ve also added our homes vertical We’re now offering flights from more than 600 Airlines globally our most recent partnership gives us access to over 400,000 experiences around the globe and More Travel verticals are on the way. We’ve released apps for Android and iOS. So now it’s even easier to get the best deals on travel bookings travelok-dot-com is now officially backed by Finance the world’s leading crypto currency exchange Co marketing activities and want

Login with Finance locking and connect means millions of Finance members are now directly exposed to traveler.com and with more upcoming Integrations. It will be easier than ever for finance members to use crypto currency to pay for bookings on travel.com more and more Travelers are taking advantage of the perks of booking travel with travelok.com our Innovative loyalty program offers up to 10% in discounts and givebacks on every booking and most importantly Italy Travelers are making bookings despite the pandemic and with minimum marketing spend we’ve seen phenomenal organic growth. We are expecting a massive Rebound in travel demand as covid-19 travel restrictions ease.

So what’s next that’s easy. We keep building. Our mission is to enhance the travel booking experience with blockchain technology. Now that the foundations of the travel.com platformer laid out. It’s time to supercharge growth of travelok.com. We do that by adding more human capital kick-starting Global Marketing efforts and leveraging the true power of blockchain supportive decentralization will be bringing on additional talent to expand our technology development.

Making the booking experience even better. We’re going to compliment our unpaid marketing efforts with paid ones to accelerate user growth. Lastly. We’re going to add cutting-edge decentralized business models to travel a.com Wild web 3.0 online travel agency with our adoption of Finance smart chain, and with direct support from Finance industry leading Engineers, we’re confident we can fully integrate these powerful features. Ultimately you’re supporting this funding round will allow us to attract new users. Others ramp up our Revenue growth to create bigger and better travelok.com. So join us and together. Let’s benefit from unleashing the power of blockchain Technology on the Travel industry.



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