Women in Crypto and talk about The Future of Women in Crypto

Women in Crypto and Talk about The Future of Women in Crypto

This is an interview series called AheadoftheCurve which was arranged by ByBit.

In this episode, ByBit invited Lavinia Osbourne, who is the founder of Women in Blockchain Talks and the creator of Crypto Kweens NFT Marketplace. This is an insightful session, packed full of Crypto goodness – as they discuss the Gender Disparity in Crypto, the Future of Women in Crypto, and much more!

It is a one-hour interview video. So to make it easier to understand while watching the interview, I have summarized some of the important points below.

What will make it easier for women to take that big leap in crypto?

  • First of all, a strong technical background is not a requirement in crypto.
  • Secondly, you have to find your superpower.
  • Gamify the learning process, and make it fun.
  • The best way to learn is by doing. Learn the process of creating a wallet, minting NFT to listing on the marketplace.

What do you think is the future you’re seeing with women in crypto?

  • Ultimately, this space is here, it’s going to grow, and we (women) need to be a part of it. So, we must embrace it, and we will embrace it.
  • There are opportunities especially for us women, to own, retain, and protect, and most importantly, to pass on that asset, create generational wealth and that is powerful because this is an opportunity we have not really had before.

Full Transcript From This Interview

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Francesca: Hello everyone and welcome once again to ahead of the curve brought to you by bybit My name is Francesca. You can call me Fran. And here you know we’re going to be talking about your favorite topic blockchain, crypto, defi with some of your favorite guests names, best friends brightest minds really in the field. Joining me today is Lavinia Osborne, a specialist consultant, thought leader and friend within the space. She’s also the founder of Women in blockchain talks. And you’ve probably seen or heard from the Lavinia as one of LinkedIn top voices in tech and innovation. Lavinia, welcome. It’s such a great pleasure to have you on the show today. I would love for our audience to get to know you a little bit better. So why don’t we start by having you share a little bit about what women in blockchain talks does and kind of your role in shining a spotlight on women in the ecosystem, Lavinia?

Lavinia: Hello, good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, wherever you may be watching this from, for me in London, it’s good morning. I’m really pleased to be here. So thank you for the invitation. Bybit, and, yeah, this month, International Women’s month. It’s great to be shining a spotlight on the many dynamic women in this space, which of course includes so to answer your question, Fran, what is women in blockchain talks all about? What first of all, you know, women in blockchain talks is the UK is leading diversity driven blockchain education and network, networking ecosystem. So we are all about blockchain education, but we are focused on diversity and inclusion were founded just over two years ago, in 2019, so just before the pandemic, and we have been growing ever since my mission is to amplify underrepresented voices within blockchain, so women, minorities, non binary is and give them the skills and the confidence and the contacts to learn about this space, leverage it for their betterment and add their voice to this paradigm shift. Because what’s the point of just hearing one voice?

Francesca: Before we go on, really for the rest of the show, Lavinia, a big congratulations to you, just a short two years and you’ve achieved so much not just for yourself, but of course for the community. And awards aside really impacting lives, I think that is something that is very much valued within the space, leveling the playing field for everyone. Blockchain, in itself, the word, a 21st century technology, really with an age old problem, adoption, or the lack of it, or in when it comes to the right diversity of things, women adoption. The minority in the women’s group itself only I think 7% of the crypto investor pool are women. And that that I think, was according to a recent survey that one of my team members here Claire got a chance to share with me the other day from CNBC and acorns, I believe. So my mission today really is to find out how we can make this technology and importantly the benefits and use cases of blockchain much more accessible to everyone by so we’re going to keep things a little bit casual here. Okay, I’ve got my bottles of water and vitamin water to keep us hydrated. Lavinia, I hope you have something on hand for yourself as well. And we want to hear from you guys, the audience. Any other thoughts, questions, feelings or comments? Do bring them in, write them in, I will probably not be answering many of them, but we will get Lavinia to answer them for you. So let’s just kick things get things started. Lavinia earlier referred to an interesting statistic, pointing really to the reality of gender adoption disparity within the space that we both love so very much, why is there disparity in The gender makeup of women in crypto?

Lavinia: Okay, so this is based on me being in the space for the time that I have been, and also the feedback that I have got from my community, because one of the things that I think is important to say, I am a leading voice. I do speak for minorities, but I can’t speak for everyone. Everyone has different experiences, and there’s many women who are, you know, leading the path, and they’ve never had any issues around gender. Discrimination around gender, and they just don’t see, they just don’t see it, that there is an issue. But the numbers as Fran. Fran just touched upon the numbers speak for themselves. And the reason I believe that there is this disparity is because first of all, we still belong to a patriarchal system. And that system depicts that there are certain roles that women will play in the world. And this was emphasized by the pandemic, many working women had to reduce their hours, so they could homeschool their children, because many children couldn’t go to school, or they found that they were taking on more responsibility at home with child care, housework, and their work. So this was proven, and it has been recognized and recorded by the UN. So if this is something anyone wants to question or look into, then there is information out there. So with that being said, we live in a patriarchal system. And that patriarchal system, it has positioned the genders, that men are going to be more aligned, or that learning new paradigms within finance, particularly, and tech is going to be easier for the male gender than it is for the female gender. And a female gender will do work around creativity, most of the roles that I have seen women do within this space. And there’s been a huge umbrella a number of times when there are conferences, you know, marketing dollars, where women are dressed up in a very sort of attractive sexual manner, you know, short skirts, low, low cleavage, to entice people to stands. And I was at a conference just last year, and I saw this, and it’s quite disappointing. And also, you’ll see a number of women of the roles that women take up majority within this space, or marketing, PR, business development. And there is nothing wrong with that. But the point is, not everyone who is coming into this space are coming into the space to work. And it is important, again, that our voices are heard, and that women are also leading on certain areas that we’re not just chasing from behind. What do I mean by that? Well, one of the things that pandemic touched upon or impacted was women, and individuals looking at pivoting their career into a new space, transferring their skill sets to a new space. And one of the areas that I think women should definitely be looking at, and looking into because the office job security is developing. The way I see it is if you are still breathing and living, you have your compass mentors, then why not? Right? Why not pivot into a new field? I’m not saying that it’s easy. But I’m saying that it’s very possible. And there are more and more women coming into this space, who are looking at the technical roles. And I think that’s an amazing thing. And I’m I’m happy to see it.

Francesca: That’s a very interesting point that you’ve raised Lavinia, I think that you know, even within the STEM industry, in itself, women in the technical aspects of the job engineering, development, IT, they come find for you in between. And so what do you think is needed? Whether in, in, in the space that we’re in right now, and within blockchain and crypto, or within the wider FinTech or tech industry is required for women, you know, to take the first step, what will make it easier for people like you and I for us to basically take that big leap? Will it be taking up new courses? Will it be talking to people? Will it be reading up on various materials?

Lavinia: Sure. Well, there’s a number of things here. First of all, first of all, I am not technical. You know, I found my passion, my mission, and that is leading women in blockchain talks. It is my superpower is connecting, networking, educating and empowering others to walk through a door that maybe they didn’t think was possible, or was overwhelming for them, and they just needed someone to believe in them. That is what I believe are my superpower. I was, if they weren’t my superpowers, I definitely would be taking my own advice and looking into a career in blockchain development, because I just find the whole space. Very exciting. And it is. It’s a career for today, but it’s most definitely a future career. You know, you look at the LinkedIn does a report every year just talking about the careers of the future, and blockchain is out there, you know, with it for the last two years is up there on that list? So why would take my own advice? So, in regards to that, and answering your question from, I’m not technical, so what do I think is going to help bring individuals, particularly women, more women into the space? Well, we live in a time where time is at a bare minimum, you know, we have the advocates 120 characters for Twitter, we now have seven minute TikTok videos, you know, we’re just reducing our capacity to take in information and, and execute on it, it seems to be coming lower in or but I do believe, if you have the right information, and the right marketing approach, then you can retain people’s attention. What do I mean by this? Well, let me give an example. Because it’s always good to give real life examples. So women in blockchain talks, you know, one of the things that makes us different is that we are open to all genders. I’m not about exclusivity. You know, I’m a woman, I’m a woman of color, I know what it’s like not to feel like to belong, or to be the only person who looks like me in the room. So I’m not about exclusion. Inclusion is what I’m about. However, as I touched upon, the numbers speak for themselves. And so my passion and my focus is to bring more women into the space. So one of the one of the ways that we’re doing that is that we have created women blockchain talk created a campaign 50,000 women into blockchain by 2023. And that started from last year, and we’re building momentum with it. However, just because you’re saying that’s a campaign and what we did, we created a quiz. So that if it’s the first touch point, for an individual, particularly a woman who’s heard about blockchain, but knows nothing about blockchain, it’s a touch point. That’s fun. That’s not overwhelming. That’s not daunting, because you’ve got to remember when people are coming into a new space, and learning the new technology, if it’s too overwhelming and daunting, it’s just going to put them off. And there’s going to be like a negative experience, which will make it harder for them to come into the space. So I might my sort of way, my method is to always try and make fun, less make us gamify it and make it fun, right? Because there’s no reason. There’s no reason at all to make it overly technical, complicated and boring. You know? Like, it doesn’t have to be that way. So we have this quiz. And the quiz then has different avatars that will say, Are you a newbie Niomi are your diversity? A diversity Debra? Are you a career pivoting Charlie? right. And we’ve used names that can apply to both genders, male, female, or non binary even. And so that’s one way but even though we’ve got that way, you still have to think about different ways to engage the community once those people come into your community. So one of the things we did for International Women’s Day, is that we created an NFT minting party called Girls Just Want to Have Fun. It was open to all genders, of course, but I was just playing on the sun on the song if you’re old enough, you may know this song and the artists in the log Lopa girls, just wanna have fun. Oh, yeah. Oh, girls. Just Wanna Have Fun. Want to have fun, girls? Anyway. So we created the first ever NFC minting party. It’s one of the things that women in blockchain talks have done. We’ve created an NFT project for our community rather than an NFT project and then created a community behind it, because the objective is to get people’s feet wet, right? We hear about NFTs we hear people talking about it. We may understand what an NFT is, but you don’t truly know until you actually go through the process of creating your wallet. Adding the currency in this case Matic polygon to your wallet, and then go into opensea or going to our app. And I’m happy to share the link, you know, during the course of this talk, where you can have a look at that, look at our web, butterflies. And when you mint it, right. And so we put together an event, like I said, the first the world’s first-ever NFT minting party. We had over 100 registrants, you know, and we all came together as a collective. And we went through the process, it is these things that are going to help people have fun, demystify not only what NFT is, but the process of minting. And the feedback that we got was that was, you know, a huge learning curve. But it wasn’t as hard or as bad as I thought it was going to be. Because I was part of a collective, because I could ask the questions, right there in that call, right. And also, if there was scared to ask the question, or able to hear other people asking questions, that was relative to the minting party to the minting process, and then it was like, I bought my NFT. Wow, you know, I’m part of the web 3.0 space now. And that, to me, is success, not selling an NFT that’s worth 1000 or 2000, which is great. But just seeing people actually doing the do. Right, is a success, because what will they do, they’ll go back to their community. And they’ll say, This is what I did. This is what the process was, I don’t know everything, but I can show you I can help you or I can put you in the direction where you can get that information. And it helps them to adopt, which was a word that you used before Fran, and this is where mass adoption comes in. You know, it’s all about traction. And as that traction builds, that’s where the mass adoption comes. Because it shouldn’t be just about the companies. It shouldn’t be just about the tech orientated people who come into this space. Like I said, this is a huge paradigm shift. And it needs to be everyone coming into the space, not just a few.

Francesca: Lavinia I think that is so fascinating. The NFT minting party, how does it work, the people come together in a room and kind of just like, you know, pop that do a little countdown 54321 time, like, it’s signed to mint and everybody just kind of clicks on it.

Lavinia: So we did a zoom. And so it was online, which makes it International. You know, this is why I love doing talks like this, you know, you’re in Singapore, I’m in the UK are part of a global ecosystem. A very global international ecosystem. And women in blockchain talks is all about the global all about diversity and inclusion, not just of gender, and, and ethnicity, even race even though I believe there’s only one race, human race. And we’re all about the languages and nationalities and what that means. And then what that brings to Web 3.0, I mean, I’m, when I talk about this, I just get so excited. So we so it’s on Zoom, because of course, many people can then participate from around the world. And then what we need to ascertain is who has that so what we did was we sent emails out beforehand, to prepare. This is what you need to get your Metamask you need to buy Matic these are the different ways that you can buy Matic. Now what happened was when people came on the course some of them had had issues in buying Matic or in setting up their meta metamask wallet, which is you know, all normal. And that’s what we are here to do to support to guide but to make it fun not to make it daunting and overwhelming, even though yes, it is daunting, any is overwhelming, but decreasing that and in doing that, demystifying once again, the process. So once we did that we then you know, we talked to a few people, we you know, as I was going through a presentation, I had my technical Co Co partner on the butterfly on the button on the NFT Butterfly Project with me. And so then he was going through the technical elements and helping certain people while I was going through a presentation and then it got to a point where it was like okay, who’s ready to meet and it was like, Yes, we’re ready to mint. So we had a number of people mint during the course of the of the minting party, and then some people were unable to because for whatever reason, the polygon protocol was very, very busy. So that sent them Matic but it hadn’t hit their wallet. So they had to wait until the next day. But then you know, every Wednesday we have a butterfly Wednesday where people can share their NFT their butterfly NFT, which is part of the women in blockchain talks ecosystem. And then and then after that they they shared their butterfly and it was beautiful and it was amazing. And we’re planning on doing it again. And I really, you know, I’m hoping the way I see it, you know, Blockchain is about decentralization. This is my idea. This is something that I’m putting forward. You know, what, I don’t own it. So if anyone wants to do it, they may can do it. But it’s not. I can I put in is, I think it’s really for communities who have created that NFT to help onboard individuals rather than an NFT project. That’s selling their NFTs the two very different things and NFT project community. Community that’s creating an NFT to help onboard the members into the space you see the two, the difference.

Francesca: I’m hearing two things loud and clear. inclusiveness and fun such a fun activities such as one party, you are definitely clearly a very fun person. And so speaking of fun, I do want to bring in a fun little component that we have during this program today. We do have a bunch of swag boxes to give about to give away. 100 International Women’s Day swag boxes filled with branded sportswear. I think I saw some boxing gloves in there are several other cool knickknacks. But yes, as do stay tuned till the end of the program. In order to get this the first 100 people to complete the post event survey with you know various information and answering several questions shown shown at the end of the session will receive these swag boxes. So stay with us and in case you’ve just joined us viewers out there. Welcome to the top of the hour women in crypto we are talking about next level of pyramid equality, inclusion, and just lots and lots of fun with our trailblazer in the space Lavinia was born. Of course, she is the founder of Women in blockchain talks, Lavinia, we do have a couple of questions coming in from the audience. I do want to read them out to you. First one, talk us through a little bit maybe about queens. I would like to to learn a little bit more about then I’m sure our viewers would as well.

Lavinia: Sure. So my experience with NFT. First of all, I love NFTs. Interestingly enough, my first experience was I was gifted back in December 2017. The year that I bought my Ethereum crypto kitty, a crypto kitty NFT. At the time I had known it was on a piece of paper, it had the long address link that I was supposed to type in, I had no clue what it was what I was supposed to do with it. And I didn’t have a wallet at that time. And I folded up that piece of paper with the code on and I put it somewhere in my house, and I still cannot find it. And it’s like I’m very sure that crypto Kitty is worth something now. So that is my first experience with NFT. So I knew about NFTs from 2017 because of that gift. So I knew what an NFT was. But at that time, it was just crypto kitties. Collectibles, right? It wasn’t as extensive or as impactful as it is now. And then last year, I decided to host you know, how to create your own NFT workshop with reparable variables, one of the top NFT marketplace platforms in the space. And we’ve and some other thought leaders in that area, including a lawyer, because I think it’s always important not to just focus on the hype and the creativity, you also need to understand the legalities behind what you’re doing. And also the tax implications. These are assets right? But I did that because I was hearing about NFT and what it was, but again, it was like, Well, how do you create an NFT and it just seems so convoluted so overwhelming and daunting for me. And I’m in this space and it’s like well Lavinia, if you’re going to lead on this, you need to understand it, right. So I put that event together. About a very successful event. And and then after that, it seems as if my, my growth, my journey in the space just started to, to grow because then I got involved with a hackathon. And let me tell you hackathons are a great way even as a newbie, even as a non technical person to learn more about an area of blockchain. metaverse. web 3.0, is a great way to learn, it’s a great way to connect with people who are more technical minded, or more advanced than yourself, right? For me, there is no excuse as to why you cannot come into this space. What you don’t know you don’t know. But ask the questions. Right? And, you know, give yourself a chance. Be bold, be brave. This is something that I like to say Be bold, be brave in blockchain just dive-in. Fun. And I’m digressing on the answer a little bit. But the other night, I was speaking at an event in London, one of my first in real life persons event like third party events. And it was amazing. And there was a lady from the audience who asked the question saying, What if this? What if this space is too daunting? It’s too scary. You know, what do I do? And the guy who was on the panel, he was the only guy on the panel was four of us. And he was the only guy. And he said, Well, I’m really bullish about this, this, this, this space, and I’m more than busy. And if you are not ready, if you’re too scared, then that’s fine. Come when you’re ready. My response was, I’m bullish about bringing more women diversity, gender inclusivity into this space. I am bullish about that. Because this is an opportunity for us to leave from the front rather than Chase from behind, which is the case, you know, which has been the case for the last, how many years since the Industrial Revolution, so to speak. So I’m bullish about feel the fear and do it anyway. So hackathons are a great way to learn, right. And there’s some great hackathons out there. So I went down that rabbit hole, and then I, that’s when I really dived into the whole NFT space, and I created my own NFT, I’m not a creative person like that. And I so created my first NFT. And then I also and I didn’t sell any, and it’s absolutely fine that I didn’t send any, because it wasn’t about that for me. And I know I’m going to sell in the future in the very near future. Because watching talks, my personal brand grows, those will those will gain value, right, because that’s just how it works, right. That’s an element of how it works. So, um, to the reason I feel that NFTs have become so popular is because it is very creative. And a lot of people can come into this space. And it’s like an incentive crypto, I’m not too sure about that I could lose money, etc, etc. But I’m a painter, I’m an artist, I’m a creative person. So NFTs let me give it a go. There’s more incentive. And so I believe, and that’s one of the reasons why I created the NFT momentum party. I think it’s a great pathway to introduce more people, particularly women into the space. The other thing that I love about NFTs as well, is that with the smart contract, a person, an individual can stipulate that on the secondary market, I can receive 10% of any sales. And I think that’s very powerful. Because again, going back to what I was doing previously, and it’s still something that I’m passionate about wealth creation, financial equality, you know, this is a great way to create passive income to create wealth, and also pass that wave that that wealth down generationally, as long as you pass, you know, the details of that contract to the next generation, you can leave it in your will to the next generation and so that they can then continue to receive from your initial efforts. To me that is powerful. So with all that being said crypto Queens came about, because again, I’m seeing it is very row orientated. Again, the data speaks for itself. Only 5% of sales made last year were by women. And that’s not to say women are not leading in this space because we’ve got some terrific and amazing NFT women led projects such as Boss Beautie, such as women of the world, women rise, etc, etc. There are there are some amazing projects out there. And there’s also amazing women, artists who just sell one on what they’re not about the 10x or the generation that the Gen X projects. They’re not about that. Okay? Think of someone like Imogen Heap. Imogen Heap is a Grammy Award winner. And she’s been in this space for a very long time. And her NFTs have been around music rather than art and visual. And of course, again, with NFTs. They can be gifts. They can be images, they can be music, they can be for gaming, and the spectrum is wide. So again, what is our reason for not coming into the space? What is our reason for not embracing this new technology, this paradigm shift of how we engage and interact, and most importantly, transact, transact. So crypto Queens was created because I saw again, it is a very bro orientated culture. And, you know, I’m all about, you know, I want to be I want to be a blockchain billionaire, right. That’s my personal ambition, but not at the detriment or by walking on others or selling something that doesn’t have value. My legacy that I hope to create is of impact is of kindness, of education, of fun, diversity, inclusion, right? That’s the legacy I want to create. And by creating that, I will become a blockchain billionaire. Right. So but, but crypto Queens is about creating a marketplace that is women orientated women led women focused, but again, not about exclusion. And so there’s elements about crypto queens that I’m really proud of, you know, that we will have. And so right now, we’re raising funds for this because you know, you need, there’s a difference between a community orientated project such as women in blockchain talks, education, or networking events, and an actual technical project. Because a marketplace is tech, right. And I’m not technical. And so I’m raising money for that at the moment. And the key elements about crypto coins is that we have an 80/20 rule. So 80% of our artists will be women and 20% will be men and non binary. Then the other element is that we will be very much focused on marketing support, how do we support artists, because artists sometimes don’t know how to market themselves, right. So we want to be able to get them started and give them pathways, you know, have partnerships with marketing companies. And sometimes that’s pricey for artists. But sometimes artists can afford that. So give them like marketing one to one, but also the ability to say, Hey, this is an agency that you can also use to help market your NFTs community support. It is not easy building a community, a community that has integrity, right. And so we want to help people do that, again, community building 101, we also want to give technical support. Most people come into this space, don’t know what a smart contract is much less how to create one, how to build one. So we want to be able to help people say, Okay, this is what a smart contract is, if you’re doing a Gen X project, this is what you need. And these are the people who can help you, right. And then the other elements of it that makes it about is that it will be a creation model. So what that means is that opensea is open to everyone, no knowledge, or known origin, sorry, that you have to go through a process of applying, right? And then we’ll say, yes, we’ll take this artist, and we’ll take that artist, and it’s curated. And that way we’ll be able to try and maintain that 80/20 rule. I have not seen anyone do anything like this. So far. What I see in this space is a lot of people creating the project, which is amazing, and is awesome. And I’m here for it. But what I’m about is creating the platform that is going to empower more women coming into that space, and not only empower them, but support them in being one of those leaders so that we can increase that 5%

Francesca: I have a very, very relevant question here coming in from the audience and I do hope I’m pronouncing your name right from mixer Brilliant engine Putra. She said hello Lavinia. I really love your energy in the session. So much passion for the crypto space indeed. My question will be from mixer There is when it comes to seeking for new knowledge for women where it’s a good starting point for for someone new to the space, whether it be learning about blockchain first or NFT, first or even technical analysis first.

Lavinia: So, again, it’s very important for me to reiterate, I’m not a technical person. So if you’re asking about technical analysis, I don’t trade. So he was asking the question about crypto and my experience I hold. And like I said, I do dollar cost averaging, or pound cost averaging since I use pounds. And the reason for that is simply because I don’t have the capacity. I find it very fast moving I stake, you know, I mean, to all of that, and we touch on all of that during our crypto workshop. So to answer your question, women in blockchain talks is where you start, you know, we have the minting parties, for those who are about NFTs. We have a job board. And we have a community of people who are seeking jobs or looking for people. So we have that element, we have the crypto workshop for those who are brand new, and want to learn about crypto, we have people who want to entrepreneurial and want to start a project or want to learn about becoming a dev, you name it, we generally have it and if I don’t have it, then my network is broad. And I can help connect you to the people that you that you want to that you need to be connected with. We have, again, international because you know, diversity and inclusion is important to me, we are launching, or we have launched our global community chapters, or leadership chapters. So we had our first global chapter, women in blockchain talks event in Dubai, with our Middle East Ambassador Rhonda arrivee, who’s based out in Dubai. So again, we’re not we under we have the online programs, of course. But we also know that people want to connect face to face, you know, now that the world is opening up again. And so we’re trying to create that by having different chapters around the world is very slow at the moment because we want to do it right. You can’t rush into these things. Rome wasn’t built in a day. But yeah, women in blockchain talks is definitely the place to start. Join the community, you know, go to the website, you know, and it will give you pointers of where to start because a lot of people ask me, How do I get started? Where do I go in women blockchain tools, there’s so many so much information. So on the homepage, you know, we’ve just kind of put this is how you get started. This is where you go, we have, again, we’ve created resources, like an e book, what has blockchain got to do with me, and it’s just touching on what blockchain is, why you should get involved, you know, what it has got to do with you. And we actually translated that into Mandarin, into Casiano, which is Spanish, and Arabic. Those are the three first languages and we plan to translate more. And we also have, you know, what, what has NFTs got to do with me? Because again, these are questions that people ask, Well, it sounds interesting, but what is it got to do with me? Why should I get involved? You know, what, going back to what I was saying before, about our time, our time is precious. And so when you think about it, you do have to ask the question, what does it have to do? Do with me? Why should I get involved? And these two eBooks are have been created to help people just get started, just get started.

Francesca: Nice, very nice, Lavinia. And I do. There’s a quick question here from Renard asking, Which chain you’re building your marketplace. Correct me if I’m wrong, there would be partying on the Ethereum and polygon chains is that right?

Lavinia: So, the NFT So, there are two things here. I really have to make clear women in blockchain talks and its own entity. And within women in blockchain talks, we have a community project to mint, our NFT butterflies okay. And that is on Polygon Matic. Then you have Crypto Kweens, which is my other business and that is a female lead or women lead NFT marketplace, okay, which we are raising funds for. And we are, you know, we are looking to build it will be built and that will be built. I’m looking at the wearable protocol. So of course that is ethereum. But where the ethereum that is, of course level one, and we’re variable using a protocol, you now can bring in Matic and tezos. So that’s what we’re looking at at the present moment, but that could change.

Francesca: Right? You know, I’m being very, very conscious of time right now, Time really flies when, when you’re really engaged and having fun. With just a final 10 minutes left on the clock. I’m trying to get through some of the other questions that we have from the audience. Once asking, are you seeing your efforts pay off? And are you seeing more women being excited and participating in this space? And what is your prediction Lavinia for women participation in crypto and NFTs going forward?

Lavinia: Oh. So what I will say is that, yes, my efforts are paying off. But there is still so much work to be done. I am a grassroots business. I have a passion. The mission is huge. My passion is huge. And I’m fearless. You know, I take my own advice on bold and brave in blockchain and in business. And, you know, when you have the passion that I do, and the mission I do, nothing will stop you. You know, Blockchain is here to stay, I am here to stay. And like I said, there’s a lot of work to be done. So, you know, if you like what I’m saying, get involved, join the community, tell other people about it. You know, I hear a lot of people say to me, Lavinia, we think you’re amazing. You’re so inspiring. I love your energy. That’s great. But that energy isn’t there just to entertain you that energy is there to entice you, and inspire you to take action, join our community, be part of the conversation, step up, tell your community tell your network, right. And that is how we make a difference. I can lead. Right and I’m not about I’m the leader, you guys will follow us. No, I’m not about that. But someone needs to lead from the front, I’m leading from the front. And I’m like my global chapter, you know, leadership program, it’s about creating other leaders, right, I’m all about creating other leaders, i plus myself as a servant leader, right? So but it’s people need to take action, don’t just watch me, you know, join me and be part of what I’m doing. Come to the event. If you come to the events, your some of our events are free, some of them are not like minting party was absolutely free. We have an event coming up in May 11. It’s continuing the conversation of International Women’s Day conversation about breaking the bias. And that’s on maybe 11th. You know, it’s going to be online, it’s going to be in person in London. So, you know, buy a ticket, support what we’re doing, you know, you can also just donate donate to the campaign, if you so choose. If you if you Yeah, and join the community. We also have a conference, where actually it’s going to be a festival, right, a festival, women in blockchain talks Festival, where we’re gonna have women leading from the front on stage, talking about what’s happening in blockchain. And then we’re gonna have non binary, and then we’re gonna have, so it’s a three day festival. And then on the third day, it will be women, men, non binaries, but we really want to have the female or the women voices amplified from the stage. And we’re going to be doing that in Cyprus. So we are not just again, we’re not just talking about events and networking, we are doing the do, and we’re making it fun. And we have different levels for people to get involved. You know, we have a membership, become a member of women in blockchain talks, you know, and that will support what we’re doing. So when you ask the question, you know, is it working? That’s up to you. I’m doing what needs to be done. Right. So you, it’s up to others who hear this message, who hear what we’re talking about. Again, I am all about blockchain. But I’m all about diversity. We need diversity and inclusion in this space, because it’s another world that is being created here. Right? And that world needs to be reflective of the real world, right? So I’m doing the best that I can as a single individual, you know, Trailblazer, powerhouse, whatever you want to name me human being, you know, I’m doing my best, but I do need support. The mission needs support. So it’s up to you. You tell me if it’s a success, you know, am I doing a good enough job to get you involved? Let me know.

Francesca: Lavinia, drop us a link. What’s the URL people need to use to show their support? For folks on Twitter, you can follow Lavinia on Twitter as well that would be at Lavinia Osborne first name last name. Well, and I think at Crypto Kweens is also one of them crypto underscore queens. So would be Ke, W E and S. MP. Yeah, for hopefully two final questions before we need to wrap up once from Cebu saying Lavinia thanks for the session for women in crypto, I have a question of what you think is the future you’re seeing with women in crypto?

Lavinia: Well, women are part of society, we are going to be part of the future, like it or not, you know, where 50% of the population? So I do see more increase, because we’re moving from web.1 , 1.0 to Web3.0. What does that mean? Web1.0 I was reading information on the internet. You know, I don’t know how many of you remember, dial up, right? You had to use AOL dial up. And then you would be able to access information. And that information was coming more from the big media companies, so to speak. And when I say media companies, I’m talking like Bloomberg, AOL at that time, BBC. And then we got into web2.0, which is the creator economy. And that was about us as individuals creating blogs and creating blogs using YouTube, WordPress, you know, we were then able to share our content from us perspective, and people were able to access that. Now we’re moving into Web3.0, and it is an evolution of the creative economy. But it’s also created. The ownership economy and ownership economy is all about utilizing those these NFTs, these digital assets to move assets around Web points three o the metaverse. So that’s like, basically having an image that you own in your wallet that you purchase from decentral, and then go into sandbox, and creating a house and putting that digital asset in your house or sandbox. Because ultimately, the assets that you purchase from these different web points 3 through websites, but in your wallet, you own it, Web point two, for example, gaming, you go into their website, you purchase assets, if that gaming world was to expire was to delete was to disappear, all of your assets go with that platform as well. So we are in a space. Yes, there’s a lot of learning curves, there’s bright minds, we’re looking at how it’s affecting our environment, you know, and things will get it and it’s very convoluted sometimes to get into this space, and go through the process, as I touched upon before with the NFT minting parties. But ultimately, this space is here, it’s going to grow, we need to be a part of it. And in doing that there are opportunities, especially for us women, to own to retain, and to protect, and most importantly, to pass on that asset, create generational wealth. And that, to me is powerful, because this is an opportunity we have not really had before. So we must embrace it, and we will embrace it. So that is what I see as the future of web points three and women in web.3.0. Thank you.

Francesca: Lavinia, drop us a link. What’s the URL people need to use to show their support? For folks on Twitter, you can follow Lavinia on Twitter as well that would be at Lavinia Osborne first name last name. Well, and I think at Crypto Kweens is also one of them crypto underscore queens. So would be Ke, W E and S. MP. Yeah, for hopefully two final questions before we need to wrap up once from Cebu saying Lavinia thanks for the session for women in crypto, I have a question of what you think is the future you’re seeing with women in crypto?That’s powerful indeed. And I’m afraid we are coming towards the end of this show. A big shout out to all of you guys viewers who’ve stayed with us for the past hour. definitely deserving of a prize and a prize you will receive. Remember to fill out a short survey coming your way in just a few minutes. The first few people to make a submission will get our special International Women’s Day swag bag brought to you by bybit and all the men and women who made it possible. Final question for you Lavinia, is there one word that will define women in crypto? If there is one, what would it be?

Lavinia: I don’t know if I can use one word, but it’s definitely about financial equality, I think is what I would say. Financial equality, I can’t use one word, just equality for full stop. That’s that’s what I that’s what I see with Blockchain is about equality, creating more of it, we still have an imbalance, I think we’re always going to have an imbalance because people who have had money are coming into the space. And so they can take up more, they can own more, they can do more. You know, that’s what wealth. That’s what the opportunities that will give you. But I think there’s an opportunity to create more equality and I think that’s how powerful

Francesca: how powerful indeed, and on this very inspiring note Lavinia, thank you so much again, for your time this past hour. I’m afraid this is all we have time for today. This is ahead of the curve. Join us again next month for more exciting discussions about one of our other favorite topics and NFT how they’re really permeating through the art, music gaming and the majority of mass media culture released today. Once again, my name is Francesca, you guys are awesome. Thank you, Lavinia for being just the absolute best this past hour. We can’t have we can’t wait to have you again on the show. So we’ll be in touch and to everyone else. We’ll see you next month. Okay, be kind to one another and take care



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